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Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah

But I heard him exclaim, 'ere he drove out of sight,




Pony Squee

I love my pony!

Okay, she's not technically *my* pony. I'm leasing her. Her name is Cynder. She's a gorgeous grulla breeding stock paint. She is tiny. She is fuzzy and gray. And she has totally stolen my heart.

Cynder spend the last 10 of her 13 years giving trail rides to children. This means she is absolutely spook-proof, nothing startles her, but she has zero actual training. She didn't know how to back up, or really how to canter. She knew walk, mega-trot, and gallop.

But now I've ridden her about 10 times and she is ALREADY AMAZING. She is such a fast learner. Within ten rides, she's learned how to back up, half-halt, how to canter when I ask, how to canter when I WHISPER, how to organize a trot, how to slow down and speed up a trot, even how to go round a bit. She is incredible.

It's kind of sad actually - in one month she's improved more than I have as a rider in five years.


Go Speed Racer Go!

Jeez I haven't posted here in ages. Mostly cuz I'm off playing with my other blog, the one where I'm blarging and blooping about my novels all the live-long day.

But I just had to go *WHEEEE* and *BLOOOEEEE* because I'm lovin this Speed Racer flick. The colors! The action! You know, it almost... not totally, but ALMOST... makes me think car racing is cool.

EDIT: WTF? Why did LJ tag my couch as some place in Florida on a map??? Must be a town called Couch. But it's weird. I believe Google so much, that for a second, I thought maybe I *WAS* there....

What's for dinner?


More delicious pics from fifties' cookbooks, along with great imagery, can be found here:


Yuva (2004)

Starring: Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Esha Deol

Summary: Gangster meets student activist meets carefree party boy and lives… change?

Hot Leading Men: 3 stars (All are hot, but a little too gritty looking for more stars)
Music: 3 stars (like the soundtrack a lot)
Choreography: 0 stars (no real dancing)
Plot Bearability: 3 stars (actual plot)

Bonus Points:
- No one blinded: Extra star
- Actually cute love story: Extra star
- Use of special effects not horrid: Extra star

Negative points:
- Nearly three hours: minus one star
- Unnecessarily long fight scenes: minus one star
- Beaten woman who loves husband: minus one star


Read the reviewCollapse )


Abe & Kroenen

Okay, I just spent MY ENTIRE WEEKEND reading three years of comic strips over at the abe-kroenen livejournal which you can read here: abe_kroenen

It is not only hilarious, beautifully artistic, clever, and well-written, but the slashy love story between the undead nazi Kroenen and the fish-man Abe Sapiens from Hellboy is actually quite touching. I laughed out loud on several occasions and find myself rooting for their impossible love. So when you have a weekend to spare, check it out!

(And thanks spacefall for your post about it.)

Untidying the Sister

Wanna free book this summer?

Okay, two things to tell you all in this post:

1. Want a book to read this summer? Enter the drawing at Blind Eye Books and you might win one for free! They are giving away copies of their gay science-fiction/fantasy anthology, TANGLE, all throughout July. More details are at: More details are at the Blind Eye Books blog at: http://kimnik.livejournal.com/22902.html Note this collections includes two short stories from myself.

2. Support my Porn-for-Ponies Campaign! My new novel, Intimate Traitors, is now for sale. Please buy it and take me a few cents closer to buying my own pony to ride! :)


Putting things into perspective

So ever since my amazing horse Angus died back in March I have been whoring myself on other horses, riding whoever will let me. I spent two months riding a grumpy lil' pinto who is actually sweet but who has terrible anxiety caused by the fact that his owner is mean to him. After deciding i just can't support her riding abuse anymore, I'm looking for a new equine buddy.

Yesterday I rode this 24 year old 17 hand thoroughbred who hasn't been ridden in a year and is so stiff it was like trying to steer a barge.

And next week I'm going to ride a previously-insane but supposedly totally-reformed warmblood mare whose owner wants me to have her.

And it is all depressing. Because I *love* riding and I *love* having a relationship with a horse, and now I'm basically single. And even if this crazy mare and I get along, its not like I can keep her because of the cost.

So as I was driving home from the barn the other day, I whined. "waaah! I want a pony! Waah! And I can't have one!"

And then I saw this old man, shriveled, by the gas station, begging. And I realized that I'm being ridiculous. Other people are foreclosing on their houses, struggling to feed their kids. And I'm depressed because I can't afford a pony.

Sometimes? It's hard to grow up. But you have to. So I put things into perspective. And decided that riding a stiff, left-leaning barge is still an amazing opportunity. You just have to put the right spin on it.