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Frankenstein was awesome!

If you can catch the next National Theatre Live version of Frankenstein, you should. It's a pretty remarkable piece of theatre, and that's coming from me, a harsh critic of theatre. Very engrossing!
Seriously. I'm having a resurgence of slash love thanks to the new SH BBC series. And I'd forgotten what a colossal waste of time joyous escape it is. 

So thanks, writers out there. Thanks a lot. Now I haven't done anything productive in a week.

Sqeal like a pig...

Yesterday, when my BBC's Sherlock DVD arrived at work, I squealed.
Actually squealed. Out loud. In front of co-workers.

Back from the dead.

I haven't done much posting in the last year. Probably because I've been really busy writing novels, playing with horses, and sleeping. But I do miss my LJ world, and thought I'd check in to see what people are up to. Plus, there's that new Sherlock series I adore so, so I had to see what people were saying about it....

Anyway. Not dead. Just emerging from hibernation.




 I just finished an AWFUL fantasy novel.
Why is the bar so low for fantasy? Truly? This book was acclaimed as a masterpiece, but it seemed to be written by a twelve year old. No offense to twelve year olds. 

So now I'm going back to read some Jeeves & Wooster I haven't read in a while. It's a guaranteed salve to my reading mind, and always restores my faith in the written word. 
 If you have company over and don't know what to serve, maybe this will do the trick for you?

Entire post here. Hilarious!

Cat Statues and Stinky Socks

My niece, who is 4, has a cat obsession. For her Christmas present, my sister-in-law mentioned that my niece has taken a liking to cat statues. She recommended going to places like Value Village, Salvation Army, etc. and looking for cheap ones there. So I went to Goodwill. I thought, "maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe there is a cat statue here." And then I found the aisle. AN ENTIRE AISLE OF HIDEOUS PORCELAIN CAT STATUES. What is wrong with this world, that so many people a) collect cat statues, and then b) get rid of them? And I'm not even mentioning c), which is WHY ARE THEY SO UGLY??? I feel sort of stunned by the whole experience. It's one of those vertigo-inducing moments when I realize how many uncomfortable sub-cultures there are that I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT. Like the whole weird fetish sub-culture of people buying men's old, used, dirty socks. It just goes to show this is a big world, with lots of crazy people. Yeah, I like reading stories where boys kiss other boys. And someone else apparently fantasizes about thin, ankle-high used men's socks. And others, out there somewhere, are collecting porcelain cats. I just hope my niece grows out of this obsession. Because otherwise, some day, Goodwill is going to get a big delivery, and they'll have to expand their statuette section into another aisle.

Loving The Kindle

For all you avid readers out there, especially those who read e-books, I have to say, I love my Kindle and can't recommend it highly enough.

I've had one for ages, so why am I gushing about it now?

1. It now can show PDF files easily, which is what I usually view anyways, and
2. Their customer support is AMAZING. I called at 11pm on a Saturday night and was walked through a series of steps by incredibly nice people who knew what they were doing to help me solve my software upgrade. I'm a total sucker for good customer service, and this was a great experience. Plus they called me back 10 minutes later to make sure everything was working as it was supposed to. Awesome!

So although I can't compare to the other ebook readers out there, I CAN say I love the Kindle.

There's my free advertising for the month! :) Next week: my favorite pies!

I just peed my pants.


Although I know a lot of my fellow Holmes fan friends are horrified by the flashy, OOC vision for the movie, I for one had heart palpitations and a *teeny* bit of orgasm.

I... can't... wait.

Doesn't everyone have my problem?

The local NPR radio channel has now had two stories on how recycling breaks up couples by causing marital strife. But when they have the shows, all the people who call in downplay this and say, yeah, they may disagree, but its not like they're getting divorced or anything.

Which leads me to suspect that some bitter, angry radio exec and his wife are having a terrible falling out over whether or not cottage cheese containers are recyclable.

And he's blowing it all out of proportion, like this is destroying households everywhere.

So, in a similar vein, I'd like to offer my services to all those other couples out there, the thousands of you, who must, like me, struggle with that part of the relationship that cannot resolve whether Edgar Allan Poe was a master of prose, or a master of plot.